A Brush with Kindness

a brush with kindness

Our A Brush with Kindness program ensures families live in safe, well-maintained homes. The program helps revitalize the neighborhood, increase the value of the home, foster community cooperation, and preserve homeownership. This program:

  • Ensures families are living in safe, well-maintained homes
  • Keeps homeowners in their homes and protects their financial investments
  • Restores the homeowner’s dignity and pride of ownership

How We Do It

The Habitat for Humanity of Camden County identifies struggling homeowners based on their income level, need, and willingness to partner in the program. Volunteers perform home maintenance, which typically includes painting, landscaping, weatherization, installing handicap ramps, and making repairs to alleviate health, life, and safety issues. The homeowners make low monthly, zero interest payments to Habitat for Humanity. Payments are placed in a revolving fund to help A Brush with Kindness program serve others in need. Selected homeowners are required to work alongside volunteers, putting in sweat equity. If there are physical limitations, alternatives will be provided to meet the sweat equity requirement.

To learn more about A Brush with Kindness email us at info@hfhcamden.org or call 912-673-1266.  To apply click here for a copy of our ABWK Application!

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