Monetary Donations

You can become a sponsor of a Habitat home by funding any of these levels:

  • $50,000: Major home donor – The ultimate support for our new homeowners’ houses.
  • $10,000: Framing for an entire house – Building a strong base for the home.
  • $5,000: Electrical Wiring – Bringing light to our new homeowners’ lives.
  • $2,500: Roof or Insulation for one house – To put a roof over one family’s heads.
  • $1,800: Vinyl siding for one house – To keep the outside just as pretty and neat as the inside.
  • $1,500: Drywall for an entire house – For sturdy walls to hang family photos.
  • $1,000: Furnace – To keep the house cozy on a winter night.
  • $800: Landscaping – To beautify both the house and the neighborhood.
  • $500: Light Fixtures – For reading a book in the evening.
  • $450: Interior Paint – To make the house bright and cheery.
  • $200: One Window – To let in the morning sun and fresh air.
  • $150: One Interior Door and Hardware – So each person can have a little privacy.
  • $125: Kitchen Sink – A new house is everything and the kitchen sink.
  • $75: Bathroom Sink – For washing the paint brushes after a watercolor project.
  • $50: Bedroom Wall – So a child can have a room of their own.
  • $25: Box of Nails – The basic support for the family’s new home.


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