Q: How many houses has Habitat built worldwide?
A: over 750,000

Q: Who is the founder of Habitat for Humanity?
A: Millard Fuller (and his wife Linda)

Q: What role does Jimmy Carter play?
A: Contrary to popular belief, Jimmy Carter is not the founder of Habitat. He has used his name to advance the work of Habitat, and to make it more well-known.

Q: How old is our local affiliate?
A: Established in 1997

Q: When was HFH International started?
A: 1976

Q: What are the three basic guidelines for homeownership?
A: Need for housing, Ability to repay the mortgage, and Willingness to partner

Q: Does Habitat give houses away?
A: No, each homeowner has to pay for their home.

Q: How much of the Habitat home does the family have to pay for?
A: All of it!

Q: What percent interest does the homeowner have to pay for their home?
A: Zero percent

Q: What is sweat equity, and how much of it is required?
A: Sweat equity is the time spent working on their house, the ReStore, or other people’s houses, and 300 hours are required.

Q: How many houses has our local affiliate funded so far?
A: Over 32 (this includes new construction and rehabs)

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a Habitat house?
A: $60,000

Q: What is a ReStore?
A: Habitat’s ReStore is a store that takes donations of new and gently used items from
companies and individuals, and resells those items to the public. It is a unique year round fundraiser in which all proceeds benefit Camden’s local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Q: Does the ReStore pick up items?
A: The ReStore picks up large items such as sofas and large appliances, things that cannot fit in a pickup or large SUV. To find out more, call the ReStore at 912-729-3633

Q: How are ReStore prices set?
A: 50-70% below retail prices. (age, condition, market are taken into consideration)

Q: Where do my ReStore donations go, why don’t you put my couch in a Habitat house?
A: All donations go directly to the ReStore to be sold to the general public. All funds raised by the ReStore are used by the local affiliate in its mission. Habitat cannot use most items donated directly to Habitat because houses are built in a standardized process.

Q: How can I volunteer either in the ReStore or to build a house?
A: Call 912-673-1266 or email linda@hfhcamden.org

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